Project Proposal (notes)

Notes from Note Book : 17.09.14

1. Working title :
key words : evaluate / discover/suggest /affair
what do i want to find out ?

2. Aims & Objectives :
A. Aim : where i want to get to

ex: To evaluate theories of ……as proposed by…… relation to………….. or
To explore/to create art work that explores the………. using…………..

B. Objective : how/steps ( i need to do this this and this)

ex: 1.To understand….arguments &how they have been used. explicate ( develop) the use of photographic skills
3.develop my photographic skills discover new methods of presenting the work.

3.Context :

Including historical /Theoretical Context

Influences that shape as : a.artist similar /works
b.people from the past /theoretical contexts.

A.Be aware of the field in which am working demonstrate that my proposed research will have an originality.
C.Build on what other people have done.

4. Methology : 

1.Way to make the first steps / How ? – decisions.
2.explore possibilities / What am interested in.
3.Go to lectures.

5.Outcomes :

physical/start thinking how it might look like.

6.Work plan:
Create a plan of the things/goals per week.
Find out why i did not achieve them if not and change them.

7.Bibliography :
1.sources things am planing to read
2.books resources.journals- keep notes were i found what (incl page volume etc)

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