Lecture No2. ( On Research & Methods )

The notes bellow are taken from the Lecture on 8th of October.
The Lecture was focusing on the importance of having a correct structured plan for our research methods .

Its important to understand that mistakes do happen and things can go wrong,yet it is important to find solutions and always put targets and goals.


Find out my research methods – diagrams ? mind map ? words ? surveys ? experiments ?

Primary Research    –     Secondary Research

  IMG_5938 IMG_5940

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast 🙂
pitfalls -> Shallow research / wikipedia ( if i use it – see the links -where did the info
come from)/ Google ( use blogs /books etc – deepen research)

Create my research Plan*

FOCUS on one thing and expand from that                                                            TIME MANAGEMENT

IMG_5941     Desing ways of collencting information * blog will be really helpfull
In the right page its a brief look on they way he worked and failed – stop writing notes cause it was tiring to follow.
Things to avoid : be enthoustiastic – but focus on one thing.
it may not be a fascinating topic at the beginning but it will definitely unfold into something exciting.

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