Andrew Salgado ↬ Beers Contemporary Gallery

Andrew Salgado, Storytelling – opening in the 4th October is something i was waiting for a long long time. I have been following his work through social media for quite a while and got really excited when his work would be presented on the Gallery next to my house.

The exhibition was really packed with of people,family and friends of the artist, although the place was too  crowded it was nice  to hear everyone chatting and exchanging their thoughts and ideas.

The large scale, gestural paintings of Andrew Salgado works explore concepts relating to the destruction and reconstruction of identity – a process that he views as re-considering the conventions of figurative painting through a pursuit toward abstraction. To create paintings that engage beyond what is immediately visible, he often consciously questions the nature of identity (and painting) itself as something deconstructed, created, and tangible. A significant perspective of his work is concerned with the ‘monstrosity’ of the masculine form, incorporating Classical archetypes like the Laocoön or Dionysian, to subtle references to Guston, Bacon or even artists who exhibit a wild deviation from rules like Daniel Richter or Bjarne Melgaard. ”I am interested in how my paintings operate independently from their literal figurative foundation, and how they might deconstruct through colour choices, reduction of forms, and triumph of materiality.”

1620460_267039580086720_8995975352260466207_n 1620774_267040753419936_1976061468308523138_n


Photographs taken though the artist Facebook Page
Website of Beers Contemporary :

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