◖Tutorial – 10.10.14 Notes : 1-2

The tutorial today with Jonathan turned out to be really helpful since it was an opportunity for me to talk my thoughts and ideas. I think one of my main weaknesses is that i have a lot of ideas at the same time and struggling to find a way of starting. Few notes from tutorial :  Sketchbook for me is important – images can be scanned and posted to blog but i should point out words (highlight or rewrite)

– 2 IDEAS –

1st IDEA 

– place body in environment body object& and other object = together they create something else. I would like to investigate the chance that something substantial can be made when the body is not only placed within an environment but rather take an important role in the creating of environment. that would mean that the body object would be the media of a new sculpture installation within an environment. – what would happen when the body would leave?

BODY_ object. reference of antiquity / Sculpture making  – ancient greek idols / torso.

Look on artist workoing with object that reference part of human body : ex.Sarah Lucas

2nd IDEA 

the creation of a WEBSITE / Blog                                                                                          – CREATIVE PLATFORM – *a small contribution to the art word. *a small contribution to my community.

Why ? – love exploring / scrolling /finding new artistic approaches and ideas.

The website will contain : – Everyday posts about artists ( in different fields – fine arts / design / architecture / illustration animation etc ) – An Online Market. – The opportunity of the creating of an online Portfolio. ( Templates -> free/ advanced layouts chargeable )

– The website will contain an external link which will be an online palfrom of a society that will be in charge of workshops talks /presentations in the field of Arts and social. One of the main focuses of the society would be the concentration on different Projects related to cultural improvements in Cyprus. It not only going to brign the opportunity to introduce contemporary art in the City but also allow the people to join and cooparate in enchanting our ancient history with the combination of the contemporary.

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