Project Proposal 1


I want to discover the possibility that the body can become a ready-made object, a sculptural element fundamental for the creation of a new sculpture.


Through my work I would like to demonstrate my body as a constantly revolving object that seems to be transformed by everyday experiences and endeavours. 

I am really interested in how the body/object interacts with the different correlated objects and its response in its surrounding environments.

By blurring the boundaries between performance and sculpture I aim to create photographic artwork that suggests the transformation of my own body into a readymade object. The work will not only demonstrade how objects can be translated into body parts but will also introduce the possibility of the creatin of a entirely new context when combined together.

This particular sculpture depicted will exist only for few moments in time, when my body will interact with the whole,and will leave behind a negative space when it dissapears.
The Body appearing will gain a surrealistinc characte and its identity will remain hidden and diformed reminding little of what is known as a human figure.

Musu Cyprus
Along with my practise work,I aim to create a small community ( Musu.Cyprus) that comprises volunteers ,deriving from different backrounds and ages.By suggesting a link in between the contemporary art scene and elements of the culture and history of our town(Paphos) Musu.CY will be suggesting projects that introduce art as a tool of social impact. The comminity will also invite artists ,philosophers, psychogists ,lecturers and encourance workshops presentation and exhibition aiming to introduce a contemporary way of thinking ;with an ultimate purpise the enrichment our society.


  1. The art of antiquity is something that is evident in my practice and would like to take it further. Intentionally hiding my face and limbs from being photograph my body ends up looking like a torso. The idea of the surrealistic, playful forms suggested by the Idols of the Paleolithic and Chalcolithic Periods in Cyprus have drawn my attention and is something that I would like to investigate deeper.
    – The reenactment of ancient sculpture poses would be something that would be interesting to experiment with.
  1. The process of sculpture making and installation is something that I have left unexplored, therefore I intend to experiment and investigate the parallel theories that entangle the process of sculpture making within a contemporary art context.

3.I need to investigate deeper the theories that suggest the body as an object and how the body is seen through contemporary art practise.

  1. Taking into account the psychology of object and theories related to the ‘gaze of objects’, I would like to investigate how the objects result in creating different relations with objects in their surrounding environment, or even with humans.
  2. Through the community and teamwork I aim to suggest different socially engaged projects .I find it principal to investigate different sociological and psychological issues that could later manipulate art as a tool for social impact.The way humans are sculpt and transformed through daily experiences and endeavors is something that interests me and I would like to explore it in depth.

6.I have often used Photoshop in my practice work, in order to transform the body into a more surrealistic form. I would like to explicate my photographic and editorial skills to get a better level of results in the future.
Using online tutorials I will explicate my skills on After Effects ,a software that captured my attention lately . I would find it interesting to create photographic work that seems traditional but has a small detail of a movement in an image that seem static at the first glance-suggesting a modern and traditional conjunction.


1.Art of Antiquity- Forms/postures
Examine the idols made during the Paliolithical and Chalcolithic period in Cyprus.

  1. Investigate how everyday objects can be translated into body parts – examine examples through the work of Sarah Lucas.

    3. Examine artists that traditionally manipulate the human body resulting to create surreal images.
    Hans Breeder– bodies look more like octopuses ( Mirror –effect )
    Manuel Vason – through much more painful action( pulling skin ,attaching it into hooks or hanging the bodies).
    Lucas Samaras : deformed bodies into domestic environments.
    George Melie – first steps into Manipulation

    4.Reasearch on the Ready made – Duchamp.

5.Investigate the Surrealistic Movement Including Painting & Scupture.

6.Examine artists that digitally manipulate the human body resulting to create surreal images.
ex. Nier Ariel – Double exposure through Photoshop

7.Examine Artists whos work focuses on the relation of body and the environments they are in and explore the link between them.

Ex Francesca Woodman – long exposure technique.
Christina Georgiou. Perfomance artist _ attached strings on her body and other objects. – or her hair.

8.I want to explore theories proposed by the artist and sociologist John Ruskin and how art can be used as a tool of social impact.

9.I will investigate theories that introduce art as a practise inspired by human relations and social context as introduced by Nicolas Bourriaud.


I have a number of ways in order to reach my aims and objectives:

I have created a Website (Musu) ,an upcoming online multidisciplinary and creative platform. I aim in creating different posts about artists on a daily basis, giving me the opportunity to explicate emy writing skills and keep my self updated about the work of different practicing artist- relevant to my interests or not.

By using the university workshops and resources I aim to experiment on the process of sculpture making through my body and ready-made objects.

Living in London one of the biggest meeting points of art and design will provide me with the best resources drawn form museums galleries, lecture and artist talks that I would find arelevant to my project and interests.



I aim to create as much work as possible.
My final outcomes will consist of large Photographic Evidences of Sculptures Combined by ready made objects including my Body as one of them.
I might paint the photographic paper to link some objects and the body object together.
My Final outcome could be a Gif image, projected on a wall,showing a static image and having a small part of it animated.

AS a start
October/November : My Focus will be drawn on Research and collecting research material.
In terms of practical work – i intend to familiarise my self with the darkroom /Sculpture workshop  and 3D workshop. In order to be more confident later on.

November/January :  Create some photographic works in Cyprus – Visit locations as : Forest/ Lakes

January/February : Start collecting found objects that might be interesting to work with.


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Michael Fried, “Art and Objecthood,” Artforum, June 1967.

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