MUSU in social Media – thoughts of becoming something MORE

So this is how Musu.arts is getting on for now.
Everyday posts covering the fields of art ,design and architecture.


Facebook Page :

Booked my tickets for Cyprus,living on the 20th of November and will aim in meeting up with a person of the Paphos 2017 committee to discuss about an exhibition under the name of MUSU.Cyprus.

this exhibition will be the First small project of Musu.Cyprus and i feel it will be a good starting point for future projects.


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 13.00.16



MUSU Cyprus: aspires to be a society/small community of volunteers coming from different backgrounds and ages that through co operation and teamwork will be responsible for projects within Cyprus. These projects will focus on Art as a tool for social impact and will aim in culture-based projects that connect the ancient/old with the contemporary.

MUSU Cyprus will also be introducing lectures from artists, philosophers, psychologists and other also organise workshops with the aim of introducing to the Cypriot community a new contemporary environment

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