The Performativity of Performance Documentation

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  1. Jon Erickson : Black and white enhance the photographs reality effect.
    He quotes that : ‘’ there is a sense of mere utility in black and white ,which points to the idea that documentation I really only a supplement to a performance having to do with context, space ,action, ideas of which the photograph is primarily a reminder.’’

Amelia Jones states that the documentary photograph is a supplement to the performance. ( the Body art need event needs the photograph to confirm its having happened)– this questions : performance depends on the documentation ??

Theatrical Category : cases in which performances where staged solely to be photographed or filmed.

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artists are interested in preserving their work – became conscious of the camera .They were aware of what Jones describes as performances’s ‘’dependence on documentation to attain symbolic status within the realm of the culture’’.

Gina Pane : Azione sentimentale. Particolare, 1973 : Photography : ” it creates the work the audience will be seeing afterwards,So the Photographer is not an external factor,he is positions inside the action space with me,just a few centimetres away..There were times he obstructed the audience view”

perfomance –  not autonomous in the above case & staged to be documented,as Pane observes,sometimes the process of documentation actually interfered with the initial audience;s ability to perceive the perfomances.

O Dell : ”performance arts is the virtual equivalent of its representations ”

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Vito Acconci : Photo piece
DSC_0173 DSC_0174 DSC_0175 DSC_0176

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