Sarah Lucas

80473f82f0cc1c473981dba8debd5dd9           Sarah Lucas Au Naturel 1994 Mattress, water bucket, melons, oranges and cucumber 84 x 168 x 145 cm

Sarah Lucas(b. 1962) is one of my favourite artist,I have came across her work last year when i visited her exhibition in Whitechaple Gallery .

bawdy euphemisms
 repressed truths
 erotic delights
* sculptural possibilities

euphemisms - (Greek word - ευφημισμός ) 
η χρήση μιας λέξης ή έκφρασης στη θέση μιας άλλης, επειδή θεωρείται λιγότερο αρνητική, δυσοίωνη ή επιθετική ή χυδαία από αυτήν που αντικαθιστά

Materials :  clothing ( ex cheap ,erotic tights)
Fruits (ex Cucumber – male )
Other Objects ( toilet ? – recalling Duchamp / mattress)
The power of Objects & the ability to reference something else ./ More than one usage in terms of interpretation.

Objects act as plinths for Figure/body
Portaits of Human


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