Taxonomy – Tuesday Fine Art Digital

Terminology extremely fluid :

‘computer art’
‘multimedia art
‘digital art’
‘algorithmic art’

Umbrella term ‘new media art’

What is new ?

many themes same –

new media in arts : new media allows it to constantly revolving  – always exploring the new

new and old media ? taxonomy – believing putting in boxes.

there is no ism associated with digital art ** – Rush,M.New Media in Late 20th Century Art.London:Thames & Hudson,1999p.168

incredulity – dispistia

retrospective –

looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.
“our survey was retrospective”
synonyms: backdated, retroactive, ex post facto
an exhibition or compilation showing the development of the work of a particular artist over a period of time.

( austin museum of digital k art 2006) :
AMODA defines digital art as art that uses digital technology  BUT
Warning : u cant really have stricked boxes when revolving.

elusive : u cant get hold of them
ELUSIVE Taxonomies :
process oriented ,Time based
non- linear,perfomatie

Benjamnin Walter – loss of aura in the case of Reproduction

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