L.Recidency (4) ☞ Tutorial, Talk for Curation Opportunity

 Tutorial with Rebecca Fortnum 

11010945_917785681605792_6629225013944569448_n 11046618_917785711605789_6568841158129765660_n
artist and their works to research further later on :

Ermin Wurm

Claire Barclay - ‘Unbound’

Claire Barclay – ‘Unbound’ /Objects – symbols


Eva Rothchild /Materiality

Cathy WIlke - Bodily present /assebeling of things

Cathy WIlke – Bodily present /assebeling of things


Richard Serra early firms

Richard Serra early firms

Hannah  Wilke

Hannah Wilke

Isaac Julien presents: Jean Fisher in conversation with Mark Nash

How does one define ‘indigeneity’?
What is the relation between the indigenous and the international art systems? 

Screenshots of the word indigeneity found online :

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 20.26.59 Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 20.27.14

The event was an opptunity to start up a discussion that looks at the critical,repressed notion indigeneity referring to the history of contemporary art thought different exhibitions and specific artworks.I must say that i found the topic  ,the material and the potentials really fascinating and interesting i had a problem following the whole talk maybe because of the abstruse language and not focusing on something specific but rather expanding the topic in unnecessary to my opinion ways

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