Mid Point Review – comments

in our Mid Point review – everybody gathered in the studio…everybody, including the online students who were also participating in the whole process through skype .It was a great opportunity to get some critic and feedback without being able to ‘stand up for’ your art work or explain anything that wasn’t understood. I have been really drawn by all the creative ways that everyone presented their artwork and i was really ashamed when i realised that i should have put more effort on my presentation.
* i will definetely consider my way of presenting more next time and try to find methods to keep the audience interested all the time ( – research )

I have attached some reflections and conversations that went on after my presentation.The Photograph consist of the comments mentioned in the studio and the below, the red colour notes are form the online students.

Jonathan Kearney: comments for Anthi?
[17/03/2015 10:52:59] Sarah Robinson: Can photoshop be used to have multiple parts of your body in one piece? Or even other bodies? skin tones to add further interest?
[17/03/2015 10:53:18] Pascale Lemelin: The photographic work is very unique and the concept behind it quite versatile, I could see being used in so many ways once it’s done
[17/03/2015 10:53:25] Rhiannon Evans: I’m interested in the relationship between the location of the photographs and the body sculpture  
[17/03/2015 10:54:01] Pascale Lemelin: i prefer the interior settings
[17/03/2015 10:54:01] Jonathan Kearney: Sarah not sure if they are on her blog but I have seen her do some experiments like that  
[17/03/2015 10:54:03] Rhiannon Evans: Also in the relationship between the community curation and the performative work?
[17/03/2015 10:54:13] Pascale Lemelin: somehow feels softer
[17/03/2015 10:54:22] Peter Mansell: The use of photography is “straight” (ie sharp) and used purely as a window to the subject matter – but photographic approaches could be applied and I am not sure if this is purposeful or not
[17/03/2015 10:54:22] Sarah Robinson: I think the body as a sculpture in situ/ as part of situ is really clever, I found myself studying the images with interest
[17/03/2015 10:55:02] Rhiannon Evans: The transience of the performance and the solidity of the body is interesting
[17/03/2015 10:55:16] Pascale Lemelin: i can see why Sarah!
[17/03/2015 10:55:38] Sarah Robinson: Jonathan, re first comment… just thinking of other possibilities? brainstorming
[17/03/2015 10:56:40] Jonathan Kearney: great comments I might not have time to speak them all out but I will copy and paste everything for the student we are discussing
[17/03/2015 10:56:43] Pascale Lemelin: i like that she uses ropes and tilting wood structures, i like the effect of tension
[17/03/2015 10:56:52] Peter Mansell: is the product the photo, the performance or all? what is original and what is simulation?
[17/03/2015 10:57:23] Pascale Lemelin: adds a certain dynamic especially if the objects were held in place by a body that does not look like a body

All the comments and feedback were really helpfull.I was really glad that the concept of my work was captured .I have been suggested to experiment with photoshop a bit more, to keep on experimenting with different locations ( exterior and intereior spaces),Pascale mentioned that the work seems versatile – I am not sure if this is good or not – but i quess i should try to focus maybe on a particular relation between object and body ( in terms of materiality for example etc) .
My strongest point seemed to be” the play with time – the intersection between temporality and timelessness” so i guess i ll continue with the idea of my the durational sculpture.

– since i dont have time till the mid term – my next step will be to use small objects that i will sculpt and photoggraph them on my body  –  i was thinking maybe to experiment with expanding foam to do this.

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