Mid term Show – Exhibition set up Day 1

Today we started setting up the exhibition ! our studio was a real mess so there was a lot to be done! we moved all the lockers and cabinets at the back to make more space and we tried to cover all the random items by placing large MDF woods in front of them !
we couldn’t hide the tables due to their sizes but instead we decided to use them for placing the computers and artwork.

DSC_2088DSC_2087Jonathan has printed out for us few prints and i went round the uni to post it up.
DSC_2079Manuel was Djing all day that day 🙂
DSC_2078 2

Harmeet doing funny faces :p a haha

DSC_2080Clara’s and Yvonnes artworkDSC_2082DSC_2083my art work – i chose to show 3 of my resent experimental work – part of the NEW Sculpture work!

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