☞ Clay/BODY – Chair | Video & Feedback

I interpret the body as clay..According to the Story /myth of Adam and Eva, God made them from sand and water.. In this video i placed the body and the other piece of clay to support and keep the chair in a straight position.

UPDATE / Thoughts During  Presentation In University

In the presentation we had today, in the uni we had the chance to do a mini presentation of our process so far and exchange ideas and thoughts about each other practises.. The feedback i got about my work was that the two pieces ( the one i was pulling the wire and the one that my hand was sticking out holding the chair were far stronger and in a sense – the body became more an ACTIVE rather than a PASSIVE medium.

Unfortunately a lot of people misinterpret the piece were the chair sits above the body – saying that it could also mean that a person could perhaps sit on top of the chair. Meaning that that my body – in this case a female body would be underestimated and trampled on.

After our conversation i realised the big importance of standing out a little bit out of the work you produce and think of the different possible ways that one might interpret your work.

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