© Kjell Varvin – Minimal Temboral Sculptures


● Minimalist sculptural work
● Work explores : form / composition
● Found objects
● Each installations consists of various common materials like wood and metal arranged in a seemingly endless array of compositions that the artist calls ‘unstable variables’.
● The artists brings these found objects in his studio, were he uses them to build and rebuild over and over again. – ongoing process which he documents.
● As Varvin explains, ‘the result of my work should be understood as proposals, not final statements’.

On Fragile Structures. A Conversation with Kjell Varvin
Interview by Sabin Bors

Notes :
● He is using neutral elements based on geometry, resulting in images that do not contain much symbolism.

● He suggests that some mediums he uses could refer to something else ex disc may give ides of the sun/mun, but he points that that depends on where they are placed in the composition.He then explains that he wants the viewer to experience the piece with a clear mind,- with-ought relating anything to anything.

● ” Composing is my passion” for the artist its all about composition and about the coexistence of the elements together and within the environment – * Big point in my work.

● ”If your goal and meaning in life is the fulfillment of the potential of every moment, you have to accept and enjoy the whole process. ” he says. He continues his interview with an other big and important point ”My structures are fragile and short lived; I build and rebuild to approach such a state of plenitude. With the variations I try out other paths that may lead to the same goal. I like the thrill of observing the elements on the limit of disequilibrium, the suspense just before collapse, where a fragile stability still holds the structure together.” 

**i really like the idea of TEMPORAL and the idea of reusing – giving a new meaning and substance to something already used.


● He invited visitors to continue their exploration into his compositing.

● He enjoy the quest for new and unexpected solutions

He sometimes puts the installation into unknown venius – and must adapt quicly to the environment – side specific – changing regarding to the side. /improvising

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