Curating the Exhibition @Medieval Castle of Pafos

11709563_982558548461838_3087213387902997492_n Few words about the Mediaeval Castle of Pafos: It was originally built as a Byzantine fort to protect the harbour. It was then rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century after being destroyed in the earthquake of 1222. In 1570 it was dismantled by the Venetians. After capturing the island, the Ottomans restored and strengthened it. Throughout the ages it has seen many uses. It has served as a fortress, a prison and even a warehouse for salt during the British occupation of the island. More recently the castle serves as a backdrop to the annual open air Paphos cultural festival which takes place in September. It was declared a listed building in 1935 and represents one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city of Paphos. Several archaeological excavations have taken place to investigate its past About the Exhibition: Through maps, charts, engravings, manuscripts and photographs, the Society of Cypriot Studies guides and informs the viewer about the commercial, economic, religious and cultural relationships, developed in the Medieval ports from Euxeinos Pontos to the Eastern Mediterranean. *The exhibition will be inaugurated by the Mayor of Paphos k.Faidonas Phaidon Saturday 11/07 at 10:30. – all the documents will be printed on approximately 100 posters.

1517488_982558641795162_2652725189615175681_nMain problematics: 1.we could make enough wholes due to the historicallity of the building 2.if we pierced the wholes we would need to pierce only the joints (in between the stones and the highest we could go would be 2,45m which woudnt really be a problem!
The sort of posters that came in for the installation wasnt what i excpected but i persume it was the best soluteen to endure within an environment with constant humitity.
I went in different DIY shops to get the cheapest but yet the best solution..

11062679_982558505128509_8980243987109479885_n 10534642_982558451795181_6392710418691928793_n 11701080_982558705128489_500637757788742047_n

We tried to think of more temporal solutions and we went to buy so we tried to examine all possible solutions.
11707596_982558265128533_8822702867185873015_nFinaly we did something like the image bellow…:)

( draft this post ) still need to include procedure during the installation days – edit some photos)

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