© Can Pekdemir

My friend Harmeet showed me a series of Sculptural works by Can Pekdemir the other day called : ‘Bone Structure‘ at first i didnt really like the work aesthetically but it triggered my curiosity since i have done something similar in the past.

1701ccae7f51a41e1b57814a0f6afaf0 d568fa383f31b54ed66fef396b0e960d– His studies/experimentations focus on reforming and reconstructing the bodies by : ” either altering the physical conditions in which the entity exists, and/or treating them as test subjects for virtual experiments while reshaping the systems we now have and thus documenting the evolvement in time.”

– Body – relationship with the environmental conditions by which we are surrounded. / physical impacts to which we are already adapted, like gravity, pressure or temperature.

– He is trying to observe how the surface anatomy will react, resist and reshape while the inner systems -muscular, skeletal, tissue etc.- are behaving differently from the way they are accustomed to.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 13.47.21Work i did earlier this year

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