Big Window Sticker

I am really blessed to be offered the opportunity to create a design for some stickers that would cover some windows at a space in the hardboard of Pafos.
The owner of the place and also the owner of one of the most popular touristic cafes of the port wanted to fill in his windows and therefore asked Pafos 2017 if we wanted to make a use for it for advertising.

So i made a list of the things and ideas that i needed to consider:
1. Go to the site
2.Take pictures and draw a map
4.Ideas :
– Maybe do an illustration? city scape ?
– Need to place Logo – and description of who we are and what we do ?
– Social Media – website?
– slogan of Open Air Factory ?
– maybe include pictures?

So the same exact day i went to the site..
I took some pictures from all the angles ! and placed Antreas :p my boyfriend next to have a good vision of the scale.
11745781_986262041424822_2662400535310495233_n 10479576_986262061424820_5237337917943382966_n 11701062_986262111424815_3064060496774328811_n 11705178_986262138091479_2849022977307869381_n 11705137_986262161424810_697176668543109086_n

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