John Coplans – Photography


I have found my self referring back a lot of times to the John Coplans work ! Although the artist has been working mostly with the process of ageing and physical decrepitude – i find a lot of similar elements in my work – as the idea of the body becoming more than a sculptural object, the grasp to the detail, the attention to some specific areas..and the experimentation of body postures etc.  ‘‘The blow-ups of sagging flesh, creased folds, odd protuberances and body hair of an old man become the documentary tale of the decline of Everyman”

After completing my Alp series… I realised that a particular body posture of the body trying to balance on the fallen tree has many similarities to one of Coplans piece.

'Back_with_Arms_Above',_black_and_white_photograph_by_John_Coplans,_1984 Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.31.21

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