on Body ‘s extensions _from Book: Contemporary | photography

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“Through Bread-Man, he has created an alter ego that represents modern life and how we relate to the Other in contemporary society. His corpus of works represents a profound existentialist preoccupation. Tatsumi Orimoto is himself a larger-than-life character, Bread-Man is at the same time tender and distant as it plunges us into the unknown through an object that brings many memories and recollections to the audience.” http://www.artinasia.com/

– below i have attached some stills from my performance piece in Waterloo Station, the idea of the project has been kind of the similar. ! its actually quite funny and surprising how may practise evolved over the years.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 13.37.51 Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 13.38.26


Perth Amboy, by Rachel Harrison

In this particular work the aims in exploring a rather strange and obsure form of human gesture. The photograph shows the wind of a house in New Jersey, where it was claimed, there had been a visitation from the Birgin Mary on the windowpane. Guests to the house place their hands on either side of the window in an attempt to comprehend the phenomenon thought the sensory experience of touch.

⌊ Erwin Wurm⌉ – would like to explore further his stills 

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