Artist Tensions Physiques In-situ

i was googling the words tension and art in order to find some inspirational artworks. Jules Andrieu photographic series revealing his body in difficul body postures, that require a respectable fitness level to accomplish. ( i think its good that i joined the gym after all :p ) out of the series i pointed out three that i found particularly interesting.

in the first image ( below) the body becomes like a cross his hands are widely stretched while the body seems to be balancing in just one leg us the other one is not visible due to the *angle that the piece was shot..
Interestingly enough the angle were the camera is situated plays an important role in my series of work aswell since most of the times my back appears in the frame.
In this particular image the body seems to comment on the strict lines of the construction behind it due to the colour and way that the body is stretched .
2013_11_24_DSC_0017_700In the image above, i love how the artist becomes invisible as he appears really tiny in frond of the building, again the body appears alined with all the other lines such as the lines at the windows or the columns.
I became quite interested with the idea of tension / geometrical fragments / balance and braking physical balance.

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