…on performed photography

Perfomativity of performance Documentation
( Link here → http://homes.lmc.gatech.edu/~auslander/publications/28.3auslander.pdf

  • the relationship of this kind of photography according to the writter, creates distance and promotes the cool dispassionate notion of the photographic record which we are familiar with and creating something new different from the ‘experience of reality.
  • less than at any time does a simple reproduction of reality tell us anything about reality.something that is reproduced – artificial / set up.
  • event made publicly – spectator can view the process (process edit and exhibition collapse into event.
  • live art/theater
  • in performed photography the work emerges from the ‘instance of duration’ rather than being captured via the concept of instant
  • the process of photography is collapsed metaphorically into the time of the event recorded so that the events and its record can became a synthesis.
  • blurring of art and life

    tumblr_mm4ti3lSCh1r03m0qo1_1280tumblr_mm4ti3lSCh1r03m0qo2_1280tumblr_mm4ti3lSCh1r03m0qo3_1280Leap into the void ( Yves Klein, 1960)


  • DSC_0377

DSC_0378 DSC_0379 DSC_0380 DSC_0381

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