Notes on Tension – Rest Energy | 1980 Marina Abramović & Ulay

Rest Energy | 1980
Marina Abramović & Ulay
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Rest Energy is a performance piece by Marina Abramovic and Ulay, which constitutes a part of the series of works called ‘That Self’,  a beautiful example related to tension, trust and again restriction human limits.The body becomes a test  body test, if anything went goes wrong it could endanger the Artists life.
The tension of the bow and her body posture reveal the artists investigation and the way she is pushing the mental and physical boundaries.
Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 20.40.08

” I was not in charge. In Rest Energy we actually held an arrow on the weight of our bodies, and the arrow is pointed right into my heart. We had two small microphones near our hearts, so we could hear our heartbeats. As our performance was progressing, heartbeats were becoming more and more intense, and though it lasted just four minutes and ten seconds, I’m telling you, for me it was forever. It was a performance about the complete and total trust “


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 20.50.23

 Tension is mostly created by imbalance! –  Balance vs tension 

It induces a feeling, a reaction, within our emotional response to a visual. The opposite, being balance within composition, kind of lays there, dying for lack of movement, often static. Tension: slightly uncomfortable.
“‘It attracts, sometimes distracts, but always adds movement, direction, energy, and an opportunity for psychological exchange within a frame.  A certain amount of uncomfortable in a photograph is good, arresting, makes one feel something, keeps the brain involved. Tension can create visual design interest, creating a feeling, a vibe.  The wrong kind of tension can be distracting to a fault, lead you in the wrong direction, or prevent you from moving within the frame.  How one uses the element of tension adds a →
1. controlled dynamic quality to your image
2. influences composition and eye movement,
3. while often adding a subtle psychological influence.

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