PROJECT PROPOSAL | November 2015

Previous Project Proposal – 28 October 2014

Notes | small evaluation:
Before i proceed into my the new Project Proposal, i would first like to mention that my the new proposal will encompass an Up – dated version of the previous one, adding some elements that i still need to work, or investigate in the future and yet remove some points that I find a bit irrelevant – at least for the time beeing. After the completion of the first year I feel more confidence, since I feel that i have started  to evolve thought my mistakes, experiments, and reading! I therefore will that I am now considering things more critically and have gained more confidence using more Secondary and Primary resources.
I have found my self struggling some times with the use of Blogging – beeing aware that any thought idea will be written by someone. However, i realised that its a clearer and helpful procedure for me, since i can refer back to previous experiments,approaches and work, much easier. There is always space for improvement so..this year – i will try to keep my blog updated, post things up more regurarly and try to write thoughts and ideas more confidently.

November 2015
Anthi Evangelou | EVA1035696


I would like to suggest the possibility that the body can become a sculptural element – essential  for the creation of a new sculpture.


A. Sculpture Series
Through my practice I would like to explore the idea of a constant revolving body, which appears to be inter-depended and attached to other elements constructing  a larger sculpture, demonstrating a revolving body, transformed by the everyday endeavours and experience but which is yet contributing back.
Thought the sculptural pieces,I aim in provoking new surrealistic and playful spaces were sculptures are either being created or demolished as soon as the body interacts, builds upon them and leaves.

By blurring the boundaries between performance and sculpture I aim to create photographic artwork & video performances depicting the interaction of both body and other elements. The work will not only demonstrate how objects can be translated into body parts but will also introduce the possibility of  creating an entirely new context when combined together. The Body appearing will gain a surrealistic character and its identity will remain hidden and de formed reminding little of what is known as a human figure.

Furthermore i would like to explore the ideas of tension and human limitations,balance and duration. I therefore aim in exploring my physical limitations by extending my body parts in order to hold, grab or push the other elements, shifting from the previous ideas of having the body as a mean of leaning or lying passively in the spaces.
I am interested in the idea of the body being the ‘connecting link’ of the sculptural holding it tight together for as much as the body can bare. In doing so i would like to investigate ideas related to body as the medium for creating new spaces, the idea of object hood and thingness.

B.Idolio Project
At the begging of last summer I have joined an internship in  the Organization ”Pafos2017 | European Capital Of Culture Pafos2017. Since then i have been working with them voluntarily helping them on current projects, designing, etc. I have yet proposed them the “IDOLIO project” – a project similar to Cow parade, were a 7-9 large scale Idols ( tiny sculptures featuring the goddess of fertility – aged over 3000 ) will be given to children of primary, secondary schools and to artist to be drawn and then displayed in different places in our city.
Although I am aware of the difficulties of the completion of this project, I aim in trying and work, towards its production.


  • I would first like to experiment on different ways of photographing, using perhaps a larger format camera,
    also experimenting with angles and lighting – i would like to experiment shooting in different times of the day in order to have different lighting effects.
  • I will keep exploring and investigating on previous and current figurative or non figurative he  process of sculptors and therefore investigate the parallel theories that entangle the process of sculpture making within a contemporary art context.
  • I will be exploring theories related of the lines between Mind and Body
  • I am really interested in the ‘psychology of objects and the theories related to the gaze of objects. I would therefore like to investigate how the objects result in creating different relations depending on theirs surrounding environments.
  • Software wise: I always liked  Cinema-graphs therefore i would like to take this opportunity to experiment more with Photoshop and aftereffects in the future. I would find it particularly interesting to create photographic with a slight glimpse of movement.



  • Keep researching artists that are constantly challenging their physical psychological limitations in the work either on their body or on others by putting their selves in challenging circumstances, by using repetition and the notion of duration.
    artists to explore : Marina Abramovic, Christina Georgiou, Manuel Vason, Andreas Pashias, Rebecca Horn, Xu Zhen  performance work ( duration – transformation of body)Lucas Samaras : deformed bodies into domestic environments,  
    Duchamp concept of readymade, Oskar Schlemmer,
  • As I am particularly interested in the idea that the bodies limitation are being challenged i would assume that the opposite is happening as well.. the limitations of the surrounding objects are challenged aswell.
    As Plato mentions, ‘He who brings into existence something that did not exist before is said to be a producer, and that which is brought into existence is said to be produced’, (Plato, 360 B.C.E.). Therefore i would like to investigate theories of Being, through : Martin Heidegger (ex.Being and Time )
  • On the relation of objects and body – Jacques Lacan’s theory of vision & concept of gaze.
  • Being – Thing – Object


  • I aim in visiting exhibitions /galleries and museums which are not directly linked in my work – sometimes new after all new ideas derive from the most unexpected places.
  • By using workshops resources and university facilities i aim in further developing my skills and knowledge.
  • I will be posting double as much work per week now that my writing –  became faster and more confident.
  • I am really interested in having interviews / talks with other performance artists that I have connections or now people with connections.
  •  I will be using new resources for learning ex.Lynda.


  • I aim in create as much experimentation and pieces as possible.
  • My final outcomes will consist of large Photographic Evidences of Sculptures Combined by ready made objects including my Body as one of them.
  • I would like to produce large scale pieces -which will require the use of large format camera.
  • My Final outcome could be a cinema-graph image.


November / December : Mainly i will work on my IDOLIO project since I will be in Cyprus these two months.
As for my body series, i will try to produce some work since the weather and transportation is easier here.
January – march : With my arrival in UK i would like to focus more on the Researching and collecting research material since i will be heading to ideas about the final piece.
March/ April  : Visit locations, keep researching
April/May : Working towards the final piece, explore ideas/ medium and how it might be presented


Body provoking a new space
Oskar Shlemmers writings such as:
– Schlemmer und Roland Barthes, Berlin: Alexander Verlag, 2004;
– Hüneke, Andreas (Hg.): Oskar Schlemmer. Idealist der Form. Briefe, Tagebücher, Schriften 1912-1943, Leipzig 1990; ( although my german is not that good)
– Maur, Karin von: Oskar Schlemmer. Monographie, Stuttgart 1979.

Rebeca Horn
To Perform the Layered Body—A Short Exploration of the Body in Performance
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Rebecca Horn at TATE
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Other writting on Body and space:

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Beeing – Thing – Object 
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sign/2012/sep/09/art-change-china- hayward- review >

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