09 November 2015
Anthi Evangelou | EVA1035696


`Through the past year i have being working and experimenting  on different body postures, either by observing figurative sculpture from the antiquities in particular and later sketching them or trying to produce small sculptural pieces.  By trying  new postures, while interacting with found objects that i had in my room,  I have tried to challenge a little bit my bodies restrictions and flexibility, as in my previous work i was mostly photographing a part of my back so that was a good start for developing further the work.

I have tried to experiment to digitally manipulate the bodies depicted in order to make look more surreal, adding them a sence of fluidity and movement. I have experimented with it a couple of times, firstly at the Verreggaria Series were the body is lying in the floor of an abandoned hotel. The second time I used digital manipulation in my photographs was when i used two bodies in a room joined digitally together ( The new Sculpture) : this particular series was the first attempt of entangling literally with an other body/object, and it constructed a great start for continuing this kind of approach of my body to other surrounding object. – After questioning about the use of manipulation in the work, i concluded that I should use manipulation only to do some slight alterations if needed – and rather let the natural characteristics and flexibility (ex.Ebryo) developed in the body to do the work.

I found my self particularly interested with the idea of the body turning into a necessary piece fundamental of for the creation of a new sculpture. I have therefore experimented first in my room working on some ideas i had developed previously using objects that were lying around. This particular experimentation in the room made me start thinking on the the notions of Duration, Tension* and Balance. 

Though my previous experimentations i have figured out that the most powerful pieces were the one that the body was not appearing like a resting place or a passive extension of the cooralated objects. the stronges piece were the ones were on limb or part of my body was sticking out – pushing / holding/ tight or straggling to balance,ex.the Π sculpture ( the final image posted ) & the three last images in the ‘Alp Series’.

I felt that I got a bit stucked so i desided to create a wooden sculpure and experiment with – to start with
 ( photogrpahic evidence ). During the Shooting, i experimented on different postures, either standing, or beeing active and passive.I didnt produce any good pieces from this particul shooting but I therefore feel more condfident of my future steps – for the time being, i aim to make the sculpture a little bit bigger  – giving it some bulginess and weight.

Except from the development of my body series I have pushed my self other fields to develop my practical  organisational/ management and communication skills such us:
1.took part to a street photography publication called “Magbook”
2. Curating the Digital Meze exhibition with Gee-
3. Foundation – Assisting the Tutor | University of the Arts Camberwell
4.Lumen Prize
5.Intership at the organization Pafos2017 
CV – pdf for more details regarding on tasks.


Throught researching, analyzing and taking into account (Inspiration) different theorical approaches and inspirational Artworks  I have managed to broaden up my thoughts, ideas and therefore started experimenting more.

At the begining i have been lookng at the human body as a Form – an abstract body which can be althered by movement and posture but which yet can appear really different in the photographic lense by changing the angles or techiniques used when shooting ex.John Coplans and Hans Breder or Francesca Woodman.
As i was interested in the idea of Phorography and Body in contemprorary art I wanted to refresh some approaches that could help me develp further. I have also made some research on performativitey/perfomance and the action of becoming or evolving into something else.
Gradually i started becoming more interested in the idea of creating a new sculpture – which would include my body as an important part of it.Therefore i have been reading and exploring some artworks that were focusing on the idea of Body and its realation to objects and will intend to do so during this year. After experimenting and generating some work i realised that the strongest pieces are the once which depict ‘tension, instability and balance, and struggling, therefore i aim in investigating this relatively unexplored.

One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to further develop my communication skills and by that, i am not referring only in my interpersonal relations, but rather on way in which my work would reflects my ideas and thoughts.- In doing so i have been looking at the artists methods on releasing their ideas though their work and observed the curation of the Galleries and exhibition spaces and how works has been displayed.

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