MacBeth in Silence_by William Shakespeare 🌹


Two days ago on Sunday i desided to go and watch a Performance invited by the Organization.’ Macbeth in Silence’ performed by Ludens Ensemble.., a really interesting and alternative performance utilising visual technologies such as video mapping projections and animation, accompanied by a DJ set. Turning Shakespeare’s words into movements, gestures, sounds, images and music on stage.According to Filippos Filippou the director of the performance is ment to create a ”canvas of images that draw upon theories of Brecht and film aesthetics from the silent era offering a powerful and alternative interpretation of Shakespeare’s tale.” ( Heres a link of the Ludens Ensemble website )

Personal Notes :
🌹 The play was about to take place into a relativly large theater ( large considering the amount of people that like theater in cyprus), the stage seemed to be really far away from the viewes creating a distance between performers and viewrs.
The Stage scene was quite minimal.. there were two stands with big plastic sheets hanging on them and a couple of items weres scattered int he felt that everything was on an experimental process and made me question whether the theater was a good choice for this performance or not..
I think that seeing it in an abandoned between ruins..etc would have been intriguing. Its rather interesting that considering the Location were a play  or even an exhibition takes place is fundamental.


As for the performers, they really drawn my was as if the actors were performing their own feelings and thoughts rather than presenting just ‘playing a screepd’ their bodies became a tool and a mean of sound emotion and gesture.



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