©Stephen Ocampo Villegas_

The Photographs  manipulated digitally by the Artist, Stephen Ocampo Villegas, also known as Steoville are part of the Series called ‘Distortions’.
The artist is using his own body which he then alters digitally converting it into surreal figures !The bodies seems to be stretched or even been sucked by something.The only thing that reminds this figure of a body, is a small fragment that the artist, choses to reveal like the head or in some cases parts of the face.


i have used Photoshop previously to edit in a similar extend my work, Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 13.47.21but instead i used the tools to entangle the two bodies together, trying not to keep the ‘natural aspect of it- ( if i make sence)- If we take into acount the cases revealed noware days, were children are born with four legs or born with their twin attached.

via: http://steovillediary.tumblr.com/

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