© Bear Kirkpatrick


In his series Hierophanies, Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based artist Bear Kirkpatrick photographs people naked in wild locations. Kirkpatrick travels hours to bring his subjects to remote wilderness and shoots as many images as possible in 15 minutes “quickly to prevent self-reflection or conscious posing” ultimately in an effort to bring out their “liminal states.”

This study went afield looking for evidence in the modern world of Mircea Eliade’s evocation of the Hierophany, a tear in the fabric of the profane world that showed a glimpse of the sacred world behind it.  All that lives and breathes, dies, is part of a cycle of life and death, is a natural part of the profane world.  The sacred world exists as a memory of a place before death. – via http://www.bearkirkpatrick.com/#/hierophanies-i/

The series Hierophanies, really caught my attention at the right beginning due to the fact that they remind me my own series, produced in the Swiss Alps last summer.:)

An other interesting element is the anlge used to take the images, most of the images the camera seems to be above them in a distance or sometimes the camera is delibetrly in a weird angle, like for example the two images below.


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