Body Becoming Part of the Sculpture

I am pretty confident with my self so far about what I am will to do and towards where i want to ‘go’ with my sculptures…
until now..

i realised that i like the action centred approach of the body in the environment and in relation to other objects. – were the hands are used for balancing and keeping the whole sculpture together. It all started pretty much from the  Π project Experiment i did last year at this time of the year.. were i realised that the most interesting  picture out of the series of them was the one that my hand was pulling the robe because the sculpture heaviness was hurting my body. It is that very time of reaction that attended the strong elements in the work,the time of interaction. If i would have let go.. the sculpture would fall apart – as it wasn’t a well thought strong construction.

compare1IMG_743d8 copy.jpg

Following this particular work i did a couple of other experimentations by inserting the body into different locations like forest, and my own room.
Later on I have used some objects that i had in my room and a found object from the series of objects i collected the past year and tried to experiment with them in indoor space.(pictures on the right below) – Again, my favourite ones are the images were the  hand is reaching out corresponding to the whole.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

In my most recent experimentation in the SEA CAVES  i wanted to work with a ready made object ( in this case the wood) and use as a fragment of the actual future sculpture/structure.  I remember i struggled a bit in this particular shooting as it was the first one I did by using an object like that, and i didnt know how my body should respond with the rest of the piece.I remember that I was there for more than 2-3 hours waiting for all the photographers and future married couple to finish their romantic photo shoots.. something that cost me the sunshine and the appropriate natural light. Nevertheless it was a really good experience to highlight the different positive and negative aspects of the whole process.


Following these examples and some other experimentation I did on these ideas i decided to do some 1 minute  drawings/ sketches  that would enable me to get a better understanding of the whole sculpture.

An other important thing that i pointed out is that it is best ;to have my legs stretching  a bit rather than having them tight in my chest. this helps giving me more space to my head to lean forward and make the legs less visible to the camera lence.
Of Course the Angle and hight of the camera plays a bid role in hiding some fragments of the body.

Next step? Experimenting these poses into a different environment..maybe an abandoned building, or a construction side..

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