A magical place…right next door

Its incredible how sometimes we can find magic in the most unexpected places..

There s a big complex of abandon unfinished houses right next to my house. I m passing from there everyday, for several years now ( when i am in Cyprus).I kept on  telling my self that i wanted explore them. I was a bit skeptical about it though, since its private property and i could easily get seen by a curious neighbour.. Soon enough, i gave it a go! – few weeks ago with my younger brother…
In fact, it was well worth it! The side looked like frozen in time..as if one day like all the other days..a normal work day for the construction workers, a sudden οrder from their boss, disturbed their work. Tools and machines are left lying around forgotten and rust in time.
You could hear the sweet melody of wind penetrating through the windows, the whistling of birds echoed in the whole construction..as if they were giving a music recital..:)
We both walked up some stairs that were leading to the the top floors.and as soon as we got their we realised that there was a direct access to the roof – well should have guessed..there weren’t any doors after all.
The view was amazing ! i wish i had a 360 camera to share it with the rest of the WORLD! at my right hand side i could see the see and the ship wreck stacked on some rocks in the sea..and all around..all around I could see the whooole village! the Church, the roofs of all the houses, event the fish market, the small supermarket, the roof of all the houses and people walking in the streets. all looking so small…it reminded me of song my dad used to sing to us.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRdXH65-Dxc 

The houses look so much like matchboxes
the people look like ants that stroll
and the largest mansion there is
not larger than a childish ball
And all of them who did embitter you
if you do look from high enough
they will appear so indifferent

that recalling them will be tough

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 22.22.17.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 23.14.33.pngi realised i havent actually taken a nice picture of the view..next time when i am in cyprus definitely will..
This space has something magical about it…i will definitely  use the space for one of my sculptures..i don’t know why i haven’t thought of it sooner.
Tomorrow morning actually is a good day to start working on it 🙂

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