Sea side walk Cyprus – found objects


they say that the cure for everything is salt water, sweat, tears and sea..
I have spent all my life near the childhood memories include the first walks by the sea with my father, the first cycling lessons right next to the sea side…the first dog walks, the first lessons of swimming with my parents, the first underwater exlplorations..
I learned to appreciate sitting for endless hours relaxing and hearing the wind blow, and the waves whispering the sweetest songs..there is just something sacred about it..There is just something about the sound of the waves and the flow of water than can wash out all my concerns and bad thoughts..

I ve been visiting this sea side as long as i can remember..I wanted to pay my last visit here, as am flying in a few days back to Uk..



I collected some white stones, and a long narrow branch that was washed out from the sea..I wanted to do something with these pieces in the future..

** things to look at/research:
1. Environmental artist
2. Andy Goldsworthy
3. Rock / Balance

I have done some really quick/ rough sketches of my next performative sculpture experiment…
I m working on the initial idea of creating a sculptural composition where all the elements depend on each other in order to hold it in place.
Through mutual cooperation of all the materials, the body/object, will be balancing the branch into the stones…



DSC_7366 (1)



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