London Art Fair _ Visit

Donald told me the other day that he had some free tickets for the London Art Fair and asked me whether i wanted to join him.I ve been to several fair in the past but smaller scale ones so i was really looking forward to the day.
The fair was situated in Angel, in a large venue, it was packed with all sorts of people, students, art collectors, tourists, artists, rich people who perhaps wanted to enrich their collection.. etc.
We spend more than three hours for sure as we tried to gasp as much as possible. There were all sort of things to see, photographs, paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.
It was definitely a great source of inspiration..some of the work i found rather fascinating and some other not.I guess humans mind doesnt have any limits, or does it?. In a single building there were so many thousands art pieces..will there be different onse next year? or simple reproductions and combinations of the present ones?

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