Project Space Idea & Discussion

Few days ago, I had a small discussion with Donald about a small – tiny – space in our uni, that could be offered for us for free – in order to use it as an exhibition space..
Initially i thought I wouldn’t want any extra ‘trouble’ to deal with since i still need to organise a bit myself (Uploading the stuff and research i ve done so far in my blog and work on my current stuff) but since i wanted to as much as possible in the remaining uni live that i have a agreed to meet with him and the student Union representative for a cup of tea 🙂

the meeting was scheduled for tuesday morning round at 12.
Before we sat at the Pop Up Coffee place in our uni, – Samira – the Representative of the Students Union took us to show us the space.
I can admit that the space was 200000 times smaller than i imagined :p But i guess this is what triggered mostly my attention..

so this is the space..Following that, we had a coffee and a nice chat at the Coffee place..were we got more details regarding the space

2016-01-26 10.38.13 1.jpg

Pop Up Coffee place in Camberwell Uni



Some key points and ideas generated:
– small space – few works – maybe collaboration ?
– space becomes a part of the work.
– artists can be selected after submitting their proposals – they can be from all the universities across UAL.
– on going project – exhibition rotate? could be continued after we leave the university?
– find a good reading material to reflect
– Social media – Facebook page/ Instagram /twitter?
– publication every 3 months?
– walls can be pierced as soon as we bring them in the state they were at the beginning.

I have therefore generated some key points – and a small reading list in order to get a good theoretical and contextual background for our project idea..
My personal timetable for now is finishing with the readings till the middle of the following week and produce a time schedule / list with the things we need to consider for a professional outcome.


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