Low Residency Day#1

So like last year, Jonathan has kindly arranged a two week Residency Program with a lot of interesting activities for all Ma Students. A fantastic opportunity to explore some arty places in London, get to know each other better and have some bonding time.
So for the first day of the Low Residency program we were told that we would do Stop motion Animation workshop with Mat, titled: The Exquisite Corpse Animation Project.
the ex..what? well yes according to wikipedia..”Exquisite corpse, or rotating corpse, is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule.”

Well our rule was pretty much to bring some objects or sketches that we would then combine all together to create a short video story. I think i took the corpse title a bit literally at the beginning so I did a small drawing of a creature that looked a bit alike Frankestein and i brought some cute wooden strawberries in.

The stop motion session was really fun. We used the frankesteins head, and moved it along with his eyes, hands and the strawberry.


It was a reallly interesting process that allowed a freedom of intervention and ideas to come by. The other group for example, used plastesin to do their stop motion animation.
The editing of the photographs were made into a program called Dragon Frame. which we all had a go to try.

After a quick visit to our favourite coffee shop in Camberwell, Pelecan, we did an afternoon session using after affects..

The highlight of the Day was no other than the generous dinner at Jonathans house. A beautiful and warm gesture that everyone was grateful about.
The whole atmosphere and dinner was lovely!
The Low residency couldn’t have started better.

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