Low Residency Day.4

Sustainability workshop @ Chelsea College of Arts

We had quite a long discussion the other day about how to make our art practise more sustainable. The lecture was a little bit fashion oriented in a way. But it of course aimed in creating a sort of awareness regarding the use of environmentally friendly/sustainable materials.
10 Important points to consider and reflect on
1.Design to Minimise Waste
2.Design to Cyclability
3.Design to Reduce Chemical Impacts
4.Design to Reduce Energy & Water use
5.Design to Explore Clean & Better Technologies
6.Design that Takes Models from Nature & History
7.Design for Ethical Production
8.Design to reduce the need to Consume..
9.Design to dematerialise and Develop Systems and Services
10.Design Activism

There is a really Great Greek Phrase by a Greek Philosopher that says:
“Παν μέτρον άριστον___“Pan metron ariston”: Everything in moderation”. i believe that we can stop our selfs from using materials that can harm the environment but i believe we should be obliged to be more considerate in our decision making, regarding the usage and what we do with the pieces or materials afterwards. I guess we have to be the change that we wish to see in the world after all..right?

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