Low Residency No.5 Margate visit

OK i kind of regret about not taking part to the visit at Margate..I was feeling a bit unwell today and tired from the intense week that went by.
I did some research on Margate though while at Home.

So apparently in Margate you can find this amazing Shell-Building – an underground labyrinth of mosaics created from millions of seashells, discovered in 1835. The origin of the grotto is unknown.


The Sliding House in Margate ❤

A rather off house right in the middle of a neighbourhood in Margate with the front wall slipping into the Garden and its interior at the top of open to the elements. It looks more like a house that one could find in Alice in Wonderland stories!
I particulary love who the door and the window are on the floor.



This particular mid 19th century house was left empty for over 11 years before it got purchased by Thanet District Council. And got back its life when with the new fresh Breath of Art.
The project titled: From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes” by Alex Chinneck was a self initiated project. According to  Dailymail’s Article, the artist stated that he wanted to do this project in London. He was offered a huge number from properties, stores etc..but he then decided to do the project in Margate because he was excited by the arrival of the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2440080/Margate-sliding-house-created-artist-Alex-Chinneck.html#ixzz4C9p6884w

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