Low Residency Day5 @South Kiosk

A really enjoyable two day program @South Kiosk that gave as the Opportunity to create a Collaborative Project. South Kiosk is situated at Pechkam, a rather interesting place. I know that i wouldn’t visit this place on my own, but in fact the two day workshop was a create excuse to wonder a little bit around the area and discover the different unique surprises..
Im our first day down at the Space we had a great discussion  and presentation from Dave Charlesworth about environmental oriented issues/ dangers caused by Human kind.


Dave took us into a journey/exploration though different artists and artworks that had a core focus on the environment. 13466549_1191025567615134_138485547404602785_n
The artwork below is one of my favourite.Red Ice-White Ice is a series made at night whilst circling around icebergs in a small inflatable boat off the north west coast of Greenland in sub zero temperatures. The photographs were made using red or white flash to reflect the temperature changes taking place in this fragile wilderness
Chris Wainwright / http://chriswainwright.com/


After a great discussion we  were asked to divided into groups and create a dialogue regarding the anthroposcene. and start creating a Map of ideas for a potential project that we had to do for the next day.


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 23.26.02.png
anthropos ( άνθρωπος) in Greek means Human | Scene its just the scene :p
Interesting Article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jan/07/human-impact-has-pushed-earth-into-the-anthropocene-scientists-say

Key words for project:
water – melting, noise, movement, disaster, fast paced, changing of images, flashing, moments of tension, explosion

At the end we decided that we would search up for different material online, of anything that would potentially reach into  a peek point and cut the videos right before the peek moment, put them all together and then attache all the peek points together at the end of the video.

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