Thierry De Duve: Time Exposure & Snapshot: The photograph as Paradox


Event / frozen gestalt that preserves only very little, if anything at all of the fluency of things happening in the site…
Autonomous representation
An evidence / witness of something that happened
Devilish device designed to capture life but unable to convey it.
Life outside continues




13537594_1200877126629978_3169102477419547535_n (1).jpg

13612329_1200877173296640_3849364218062408857_n.jpg13567075_1200877206629970_9183980187946300629_n.jpg13566905_1200877246629966_5045024061120128864_n (1).jpg13600336_1200877269963297_6696273465308603378_n13592830_1200877283296629_814724726902365093_n.jpg13439123_1200877303296627_6869959073081795914_n.jpg

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