Amazing Abandoned Factory In Peyia/Pafos

I really like travelling ! and exploring ! and i always had a passion about exploring abandoned places and creating different senarios on what might happened there in the past and why ended up the way it ! I am really grateful that i have a partner who also loves joining me in this kind of things so every now and then we get to go in these small fascinating adventures. This time, we went at a small forest in a village called Peyia.. its a place with a fantastic view! we went there sat a bit to relax and to breath some fresh ear. While we were sitting and chatting, we noticed from up there something that looked like a factory..we couldnt really tell much due to the fact that we were really far away but we said that we could perhaps pass by while leaving.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 18.29.05

It was kind of tricky to find the way to it.When we finally did, we came across a massive building that was once probably a factory, standing  alone in an empty field.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 18.27.37

We entered of course with a little caution and suspiciousness.. The space was indeed massive…The huge black marks on the floors and walls, the the piles of burnt objects ( papers/ baskets etc) were witnessing that there was a massive fire in there.. The only current visitors of the space were the pigeons, and reptiles, you could hear them walking on the tin ceiling and possibly some farmers that used the space to store some hay/straw to fit their animals.
I loved the space there was just something really strong about it! I would love to see how my sculptural piece would work in here.

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