©Helen Sobiralski | Amazing figures with tights


Helen Sobiralski is another interesting artists that i discovered quite recently..in general her work focuses more on conceptional stagings , portraits and fashion photography.
Although i really liked here work in general ! these two images caught my attention the most. Two bodies are appering to be inside some tights.”Her intention was to let human bodies interact with each other with the help of nylon tights so that they seem to merge into one figure. Through the interplay of skin tones, light and shadow, Helen Sobiralski develops a sculptural, dance-like hybrid creature. ! there imagery reminds me a lot of Erwins Wurm work both his sculptures and the perfomative sculptures.
It made me think of the idea that although my own body is potentialy becoming a sculpture, i could enhance its objectivness by adding other mediums directly on to my body..
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 03.01.44.png


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