New found objects..what if?

I was driving around Pafos doing the taxi lady for my brother and i was driving I passed by a pile of pines..” Gosh i thought ! why the hell do people through around junk in the streets..” ..i took my sister to her friends house and went back home following the same rout..Couple of meters in front of me I could see those pipes again…i don’t know how, or why..i just pulled the car to he side..and moments later i was observing them..
what caught my attention was the pipe connectors…
I remembered a really create gif i saw on internet a couple of days ago..wait a minute..
here it is:


After day dreaming a little bit thinking what i could potential do with the tubes i tooked them with me… I ve taken 5 piece pieces 2 meters long..there wherent  enough connectors thought so i thought that i could potentially cut the pipes in to smaller pieces and get more connectors to connect them.

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