Changing the function of Furniture-notes on Erwin Wurm

His work is about the exploration of a potential sculpture.
– He has direct interest on furniture a-swell. What draws him mostly thought, is the relationship between an object and a person who has to do something. He basically has a ‘user guide’/ instructions –  he suggest the process” you are invited to sit down, or at the bar stools, open a cupboard /cabinet door and take a bottle, pour a drink..etc.
His second point of interest was the fact he uses exciting pieces 0f furnitures but gives them a brand new function. The piece of furniture is removed from the furniture fucntion, but then comes back again as an art object.

Similar to his Sweater pieces:

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 14.27.56Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 14.28.23

The really early ones, which worked with instruction for use specifying the order in which the sweaters had to be hung out. They were sweaters first and then they were hung up, and in a way they were transformed; and they functioned as art objects.And at the end of the hanging out period, the concept was restored to the object.I then became a normal sweater again.

– As he mentions the pieces were developing through the process, he stubbled into problems and learned throughout the procedure.
IN MY OWN PRACTISE: This is something that I personally enjoy in my own practise.. my Piece never looks the same with the sketches i m doing for it nor with the ideas that i have in mind. I may draw the structure – and how i want to assemble the materials, but most of the times.. i rotate the final sculpture that i make 70 degrees while performing. I think this spontaneous shiftings and changes are adding a more magical element to the work, and i think its important for me to accept and therefore explore the possibilities that arise.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 14.43.06

The performative sculptures as he called them entitled: Möbeln seem to have a direct connection with the “One Minute Sculptures”The desire to work with furniture actually comes from something he has been observing for many years now, which are design magazines, which show individuals and people who are exclusively defined by their apartments, interiors and furniture. That means that the actual individual is absent, but there is a lot you can tell about his life – what he represents etc. when you get to see his actual work.


the Artusts here has removed the initial function of this old Furniture and gave it a new by turning it into an object you can sit on too.

Erwin Wurm shows furnitures: Cupboards from the 30th and 60th turned upside turn into sofas or tables and chairs wear pullover.

I am really liking the idea of using objects that already exist in my own practise and i would something that i would definitely want to explore. I usually use found objects, like pieces of wood, pipes and then work with them, deconstruct or paint them.  I could possibly experiment with using objects like chairs or fragments of a chair, or small tables, etc.


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