Performative Sculpture with Pipes1 (images&video)

IMG_6851 copy

(video below)
So these are the final images  of the performative sculpture i created last Sunday in the Abandon construction side near my place.. i really like the colours in general and the really nice lights and shadows on the whole sculptural composition. these series..the body is moving every few seconds in time, creating a constant revolving sculpture. The only way that the sculpture is preserved is thought its documentation…
I feel that in a sense, the Photograph becomes a medium itself, an important fragment of the whole process..without it the very sculpture wouldn’t exist after the second would pass.

I feel that the latest look i had at Wurms work1 , Wurms2 helped me a lot on building my ideas around the idea of changing the function of an object, challenging its limits.. and building upon it..

IMG_6849 copyIMG_6853IMG_6852IMG_6851IMG_6848

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