Performative Sculpture with Pipes2 – Selecting Images

I decided that i wanted to take the sculptural piece at the Factory space to see how it would look in a bigger / wider space..
The challenge or maybe the really good thing about it was the fact that i had to dismount the pieces and rebuild it! This of course made the process more interesting !
**The creative process ( building the structure) as well as the performative act are playing a crucial part of the final piece. this mutual complementation of all components is what excites me in every time..

I took  a couple of pictures this time  i could handle a bit better the weight of the sculpture.. so I used the timer to take the pictures..  I was running back and forth for a couple of hours! i ve taken approximately 30 images and deleted  7-8 of them that my head was visible!  I tried experimenting with positioning the camera into different distances, angles and different locations of the space.. I ll be editing during this week the ones i prefer the most.. and see how i ll go from there..

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 16.58.24Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 16.58.14

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