Stephanie Spinler_ Solo Exhibition

A simple poster i did for Stephanie’s exhibition at the Raum Gallery.
Stephanie will be creating a site specific work in Camberwell Called Me you Me : Boxing at Camberwell & will be giving a talk for the public on Thursday 5th.

↪ Work/concept

” I have been using my body and material in a process of co-emersion. The process relies on a sensitivity of the material being formed in a tactile way, an attentiveness to the material in which it is being manipulated in terms of its own attributes and the relation of the manipulator/manipulation and the environment. Please see the link to my website, Boxing Project that demonstrate examples of the proposed work. If you scroll down to There is no Negative Space in this Body, this is the best example of the proposed work. The cardboard boxes are prepared with an impregnated surface of various materials, i.e. paint, latex, fake fur, paper, found objects, corresponding line, colours that come from the area that the co-emersion will be executed/ performed which is the environment that surrounds the exhibition space. The co-emersion is a process; two or more elements merge to form something that is neither of its original elements and forms something new. The work will be choreographed in the space as sculptural installation and a video projection of the co-emersion process may be shown in relation to the installation.

Short Summary of my research:

My practice-led research seeks to explore the structure of experience, using the philosophy of phenomenology with a feminist perspective in relation to a sculptural installation practice. The Working title of the research is A Phenomenological Identity: The State of Being a Woman. I am working with representation, materiality and experience; spatial, temporal, and dynamic elements that are central to the ontological questions of the nature of space, time and the body. How might sculptural installation art practice manifest new perspectives in relation to a feminist phenomenology through the specificity of the body, material, spatial and temporal consideration? How might a concept of a phenomenal woman shift expectations of female identity and make explicit the role of the sentient body as a means of knowing through a creative practice? I use the format of sculpture installation using a variety of materials, plaster, rubber, paper, fabric hair, found objects and my body. I use processes of drawing, sewing, casting, collaging and strategies of appropriation as well as inventing new ways of making form. I describe my work as ‘of the body’, as it is about  the presence and constitution of the encounter of the work that is most vital to experience, presence and intimacy, rather than an illustration or portrayal of bodies. It is not a fixed view, the viewer looking at an object; it is about the interrelation of what dynamic quality can happen between things, between the viewer and the artwork.


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