Up Up & Away @Raum Gallery

So the Selected days for the exhibition of the 13 shortlisted artists of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design titled UP Up and Away were the 9th till the 15th of May. Which would basicaly mean that i would lose the entire preparation of the Show. Me and Donald decited to do a review together along with a couple of other artist, few days later as soon as i would arrive in Uk. The plan was to go through each students work in the Gallery and the work they had in their Foundation Diploma Final Exhibition that was on at the same time at Wilson Road. On the work in the Gallery and at the Foundation Show, in order to select who would win the prize.

So this time the only way that i can contribute to the exhibition is:
1.Creating a Poster/ senting emails
2. Reviewing the work along with Donald, and judging panel
3.Take pictures, during the Private View.
4. Take video Shots and interview Donald, Myseld :p and Laurence Noga ( head of the Fine Art Department in the Foundation Course)
5. Manage our two Social Media Platform – Facebook and Instagram.


So for this particular exhibition i wanted to create a more free and playful poster. In doing so i used different material from the Internet and downloaded a more playful font, which i then experimented with rotating it around.


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