About J.Waddington-potential Exhibition


Jack has contacted our Gallery by sending us an email. Right now he is in our College pursuing his  third year of Painting, so as soon as i got back from Cyprus we arranged a meeting in his studio to meed him in person and have the chance to see his work.

Materials/ Mediums of work:

The  models are formed/created out of everyday materials like cereal boxes to achieve a low-fi spontaneous and impulsive aesthetic.
In his paintings he uses mostly acrylic and graphic marker pens.The chromatic strength and interaction of colour is important to the works. He mentioned in the email, the artificial and plastic essence featured in his paintings & in his miniature prototypes may refer to the simulation of the process of designing a ‘better life’, a life that is often presented in Games…
He explained that he often found him self imaging that he is living in animated world were he could organise his life within a cartoon like surreal setting
As he states, “The panoramic acrylic paintings are saturated with excessive and miniature narratives resulting in a congested traffic jam of pictorial restlessness, like bizarre cartographical portraits of how one interprets the world”.



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