Exhibition Νο #7_ RaumGallery

We selected some work we found particularly interesting and seem to interrelate with an other in terms of feel, touch, colour.

1. Min – Kyoung Lee (Ma Fine Art,Chelsea) – Website

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.49.27

Key Words/ Ideas: transformation , “something into something else”, metamorphosis, mixing materials, concrete, sculpture – a simple act of transforming a material into a medium of something else, chemical response, material – own property but yet have the potential to be transformed.
– wood metal styrofoam, fabric, plaster,clay,polyester foam, rubber, wax etc


2. Alia Hamaoui ➘ (BA Painting 1st year @ Camberwell College of Arts)
We spotted Alias work in the corridor while we were walking around, it caught our attention so we went and had a quick chat with her about it.
Below is a horrible picture that i took of the painting laying on the floor.

13266081_1170043323046692_41924325066239942_n (1).jpg

A brick from Mexico and a gloss coated stripe_145x115xm_Mix Media

Key Words/ Ideas:  raw elements, industrial materials, how each replicates/ Affects & transforms an other.
Alia Hamaoui plays with the relationship between raw elements in nature and industrial materials, considering how they replicate and affect one another. In a similar way her collages and paintings play off one another, a constantly circulating process.

3.➘ Antony Dixon
(MFA Wimbledon College of Arts)
A really interesting personality and Artist that Donald met during his visit in Wimbledon few days ago.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 12.31.55
Key Words/ Ideas: diverse materials, found objects, combination of cement, wood, wax, plaster with more delicate materials like cotton, wool., Material / Thing, Usefull/Useless etc.

we were a bit unlucky with two other artists that didnt really get back to us. However i will update this post when i get the emails from them.

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