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Been a little bit of the schedule with this particular show.. I havent manage to finish the poster on time in Friday so i couldnt sent any promotional material to the marketing department- good thing thought, the exhibition will last two weeks instead of one.
So after reading through all the work we selected we realised that all the work had something in common..the ideas of transformation, of challenging the limits of on object by combining it or even mixing it with other mediums.
Donald was suggesting to put my work up aswell, something that i had to think about.

Title Ideas:

Played around with the Word Transform
Word Origin & History

transform mid-14c., from O.Fr.transformer, from L. transformare”change the shape or form of,” from trans- “across” + formare “to form” (seeform).

1. trans-fawrm ( i quite liked this its the pronunciation of transform according to the Dictionary)
2. formtrans
3. fawrmtrans
4. reconstruct
5.tran constrauct
6.Breaking the Skin

The designing of the poster took FOR EVER..no inspiration i suppose..SO i ended up with this one below.


Few Words, breaking the Skin, brings together five artists from three different UAL colleges in an exhibition that questions the nature of the medium/material and how the physicality of a material can alter, transform, brake and finally change by the intrusion of another material. ..

 some mediums from smooth and delicate to rough and heavy changing their original structure,identity and value.

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