➳ Setting Up & Choosing my work

➳ Installing day! #raumgallery

➜ I arrived at uni at around 10:30 and met Donald, we were expecting the artists to arrive and drop in their artwork, and we became really worried when we realised that two artists & artwork were missing. Half an hour later, Mingyoung lee arrived at Camberwell with a van carrying her sculptures, Alia arrived with her final painting, and an a friend of Daisy;s brought her sculptural piece. 🙂 we had Antony’s work stored in the Studio space,- in a secret place, protected from dust and from being accidentally hit, so we were pretty much complete.
We were missing one photograph ( mine 😛 ) which would go here  


I am struggling  a lot with what exactly would suit for the specific exhibition, i have several work that could fit for different reasons. at a time:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 23.22.08

① This work was part of a larger series of photographs i captured in the photographic studio. In the Photograph a piece of clay is attached smoothly on my body in order to fill any gabs created, in an effort to  reshapes the existing body and changing its original form. The process of the photographic shooting, consisted of me running back and forth from the floor to pressing the timer of the camera on.
After the shooting, i used an other mean for distorting the original body, – photoshop.
(body + Clay + photograph + photoshop)

② The other choice of mine is a photograph i produced for my final Degree show,
were my body is situated into an environment of a Workshop. The body is resting in on a box filled with sand, misleading the viewer who can easily refer to the body as an object, one of which can be found in a workshop space, like a bag of sand, a piece of clay.
In here the environment which surrounds the body, becomes fundamental in altering the perception and how we interpret the body.

Size(A0)  Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 23.37.47

③  More resent work…
in my recent work if been seeing the body in a little bit different way. i am invastigating the possibility that the body can become a ready made medium and a fundamental fragment of a sculpture/ installation. A medium that is responsible to keep the balance of the larger piece but is yet depended by the other fragments. The relationship of the work is basically interrelated..



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