Symposium No.2


Right at the beginning of this course I was interested in how the body could become an art – object…a medium.Through unusual body postures I intentional tried to hide my face, limbs and body parts from the camera lens in an attempt to hide my identity.

By rethinking and reconstructing the body’s restrictions I result in creating surreal and unearthly positions that therefore, challenge the perceptions of the real. What one could see, was depersonalized and uncommon forms that no longer reminded of the human body itself. I experimented with merging this new art objects into different environments both exterior & interior. Slowly I felt that the stronger pieces were the ones that the body started responding to the surrounding objects and environment.

This time, the body doesn’t remain passive, lying on the floor or leaning somewhere, instead, it holds on, connects, interacts and response with or to another object. Actions are taking place.

These particular objects vary, in sizes and quality, I like to work with found objects, which drew my attention. Sometimes I use them as they are, and sometimes I transform the material, by changing either its shape, or colour.. removing their initial function and giving them a different one, the fuction of an art object.

In my Research paper my keen interest layd upon the importance of the participation of humans/ beeings into a project, an event,a social happening. ‘’ The State of Encounter” as Baurriads, characteristically quotes.

Therefore i have tried to exemplify this by talking about two bi communal projects which took place.both in Cyprus and Israel. The final pieces in both examples, the origamis and the Metal Sculptures were the social agents, that provided platform on which conversation could take place.

The moments of great importance were the once that the beeings responded and interacted with each other, and finally worked together towards a particular happening. As the the British Socio – Anthropologist Alfred Gell highlights, art can blend perfectly with the social anthropology of persons; it can become the motive, which mediates social agency between people and objects, and people among them via the objects.

Soon enough, I begun questioning not only the idea that a human can transform into an object, but alongside, the idea that an objet, a thing can transform into   being.he ‘beeing . I feel that, one cannot excist without the other.
By a quick look back at the earliest work, I realized that both body/object and object in this case the wire…wouldn’t exist if the interaction wouldn’t take place. There wouldn’t be any event to take place.Both objects in this particular case embody some qualities, strengths and energy.

By integrating the above ideas,..with the interaction and response of the mediums, Im heading towards, the creation of a potential performativity sculpture creating both photographic artwork & video performances that depict the interaction. By observing the qualities of the objects and their interaction, I am provoking new surrealistic and playful spaces were sculptures are either being created.

The sculpture is developed during the process; problems are appearing thought this process and I need to find the solutions. The realization of the process is important to me, to accept the qualities of an object or a struggle and explore tha possibilities that arise.

Two qualities thati I pointed out from the procedure, are balance and tension. The body becomes the link that is responsible to keep other objects in balance, Hoever soon enough, the body cant handle the weigh, gets tired and finaly it lets go.

In all my pieces I am trying to push the boundaries of my self and challenge my bodies restrictions. That is the reason why tension is quite obvious in a lot of the pieces and that the performances vary in duration. -Some of them last for four to five minutes and others more than 10 minutes. The ‘durationalble sculptures’ are changing every minute according to the physical contition and concentration.

I would say that sculpture is working with volumes, isn’t it this what life is ? Building up? Engaging, growing up?
In the book Emancipated Spectator, Jackques Ranciere, quotes that the opposition of active and passive is riddled with presuppositions about looking and knowing, watching and acting, appearance and reality (2005, p16)

Video of the whole Symposium Session capture by Jonathan HERE  and HERE

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